The Quarterly Delivery Circuit

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Over the past few years, we have seen a great uprising of entrepreneurs in our community who have offered heathy foods, holistic medicines and mind, body and spirit healing services. They have become essential to maintaining the health and well-being of our people. Our goal is to uplift and support those entrepreneurs. We want to take some of the load off their shoulders by managing their delivery services and/or providing them with a space to expand their business. Our purpose is to create a hub for black commerce and communication in order to build a new era of black business in our city.

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In The Zone

Connecting The Dots

The objective is to connect hotspots of commerce through cross marketing to ensure economic growth within the community. Products and services produced in one zone can easily be distributed through the remaining zones creating a natural cycle of expansion. Our central hub will be conveniently located so that all surrounding zones will have easy access no matter where you are in the city! There are so many great entrepreneurs in the city of Baltimore who offer products that heal the mind, body and soul. They should be able to spread their light in a sustainable and efficient way. Your donation will help us to secure a hub, bikes, mopeds, cycling supplies, and licensing to keep our cyclists protected and insured. We strive to construct a network of aligned individuals with a common purpose: Building long-lasting Mental Health and Mental Wealth in our city through physical activity and service.

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Working Together

Building a center for Black Commerce

We believe in the power of alignment. The best way for businesses to grow outside of social media is through networking.  Dedicating a space for entrepreneurs, that welcomes the intermingling of new minds and new ideas will allow for a steady flow of creativity. Spending time amongst likeminded individuals, brainstorming, and even bartering are just some of ways we plan to aide in our community’s growth. Honestly, that’s exactly how our collective was born. Working relationships can foster a stronger community. The more we build up our neighbors, the more our ecosystem will thrive.

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Thank You For Your Support

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